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Room Redesign

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The brief for this project was to redesign the customers existing living room furniture into something more functional, contemporary and suited to the space.

My proposal involved tying the room together with a pair of bespoke cabinets and some simple floating shelves that would embrace the funny shape of the room.


The design centred around 30mm slabs of solid walnut for its striking colour and grain. This was used for the tops and bottoms of the cabinets and for the shelves. The carcass was made out of blockboard and the panels, doors and edges were cut from veneered maple.

Simplicity and clarity were my main considerations so I hid anything that would disrupt the shape and aesthetic of the arrangement. I made sure no fixtures or supports were visible so I used floating shelves and had no handles on the doors. Making in this way led to some interesting design problems that I tackled by building my own jigs and plenty of planning.

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