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Partition Wall

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My Degree Show pieces were a varied family of sculptures - the culmination of a number of experiments of the juxtaposition between natural and manufactured wood. I have always tried to instill an element of personality into my sculptures. Often referred to as the "doodles on legs" these filled the corridors of the exhibition and with the tallest at 7ft 6in they were quite a presence. Their long, gawky legs gave the impression of direction and movement and they were free for people to wander between.


Another of my sculptural concerns was history in both a material and process sense. The names of each of these sculptures refers to the objects the materials were salvaged from (not including the legs). After cutting them up I did no finishing, leaving the marks, stains, scratches and dents of their previous life visible. I also both aesthetically and theoretically satisfying to make the method of construction apparent. I like simple structures with visible construction elements and feel that the most beautiful designs are those that successfully include the method of construction in the overall design.

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